Wednesday, February 5, 2014

"Jump for the Gold" - 2014 Jumpathon!

                                             Jump for the Gold! - Winter Olympics Theme

Winter Olympics!  Yes, the Winter Olympics was the theme of our 2014 annual Jumpathon!  Each year the 3rd and 4th grade students participate in the Jumpathon, sponsored by the American Heart Association.  It is always a fun and an exhausting afternoon as the students showcase their rope jumping skills.  The students were grouped by winter Olympic sports:  Bobsled, Figure Skating, Curling, Cross Country Skiing, Alpine Skiing, Snowboarding, Luge, and Ski Jumping.  After an invigorating warm-up, the students then get out on the floor and performed the various jumps they have learned in class.  Some of the favorite jumps are HOT PEPPERS, partner jumps, and the jogging jump across the gym.  Once again, the Breck Mustang made a cameo appearance to all the excitement of the students.  This event gives students the unique opportunity to connect service with learning and physical activity.

                     Below you can see several fun pictures of the students enjoying the event!

         Warm-ups included fourth grade students "getting down" performing mountain climbers

                                       Focused fourth grade students during the warm-ups!

                                The Breck Mustang mascot supporting the Jumpathon - a crowd fav!

                          Fourth grade students working on the various Olympic puzzles/word find

                              Fourth grade student jumping so fast - you can't see the rope!

                                                            Stay Focused, great form!

The Breck physical education department wants to thank each student that participated in the fun event.  Although the totals are not yet final, we are confident we collected more than our goal of $8,000!   I will keep you posted on the final results as soon as possible!
Wow, our students not only JUMP - but they are great ambassadors for the American Heart Association. 


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