Thursday, February 20, 2014

Skating!!! Any future Olympians?

Greetings from Sochi!  Students in grades 1-4 are now completing the second and final skating unit of the year.  For the fourth grade students, it will be their final skating unit - sorry!  The students love this unit - and they really love the bus ride to and from!  The second skating unit includes further instruction to increase the students' confidence and performance level.  Each time the students enter the locker room they demonstrate a greater responsibility in preparing to skate:  lacing up skates, putting skate guards on/off, and the difficult task of putting their helmet on.  I want to thank all the wonderful parent volunteers that faithfully came to the rink to help with the skating unit.

Skating skills that were covered this unit:
1.  Sit on the ice and get up from kneeling position
2.  Ready position - stretches in the locker room
2.  March in place
3.  March walking
4.  March, then glide a short distance
5.  Forward striding - alternating right and left legs moving forward
6.  Dips in place
7.  Dips while moving
8.  Forward Scooters (preparing for the strides)
9.  Forward one foot glide
10. Turns, right and left
11. Snowplow stop - one foot and two foot snowplow stops
12.  Two-foot swizzles
13. Two-foot hop while moving (3rd and 4th grade)
14. Backward skating
15.  Forward crossovers, both directions (2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade)

The final day of the skating unit is a "Free Choice Day!"  The kids love the opportunity of doing the skating of their choice.  Each student leaves the skating unit with greater awareness of their personal skating space and demonstrate a greater respect for the sport of skating.  Who knows?  There could be the next Olympian in the group! 

Below you are able to see some short clips of the students at the Anderson Ice Arena:

                                     4th Grade Students in the locker room preparing to skate

                                           Fourth Graders warming up their edges

                                                  Second graders skating backwards

                                             2nd Graders working on their crossovers

                                              4th graders working on their crossovers


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