Tuesday, March 11, 2014

March Madness with the Lower School Mustangers!

Hi!  Thanks for visiting my blog!  My lower school students have been busy learning about basketball.  It sounds fitting to have a basketball unit in the month of March - definitely March Madness in Anderson Gym!  After learning the history of basketball (a peach basket was initially used for a basketball net) the students had many opportunities to show their ball handling skills.  Many drills were practiced to help students develop right and left dexterity, control, and manipulating the basketball.  Using the junior balls certainly assisted in the students success and control of the various skills.  The students enjoyed the many dribbling challenges and games.  Dribble Tag was one of the favorite activities for all students.  Dribble Tag required the students to demonstrate control  of the basketball dribbling through the general space, while at the same time, keeping the ball away from the 3-4 pirates who were trying to steal it from them.  Through relays and challenging games, players learn to dribble the ball while moving quickly, yet in control.  All students worked diligently on the various basketball passing skills:  chest pass, bounce pass, overhead pass, and the baseball throw.  Of course while students are learning the correct technique to throw a basketball, they must also be prepared to catch the ball!  The highlight of the basketball unit is always the SHOOTING drills!  The students learned the acronym "BEEF" - each letter represents an important point in order to be a successful basketball shooter.

B - Balance - keep your feet shoulder-width apart, with your shooting foot slightly ahead of your non-shooting foot.  Make sure your entire body is aligned at a square to the basket.

E - Eyes - choose a target - it could be the front of the rim, the center of the hoop, or the basket as a whole.

E - Elbow - Bend your elbow back to a 90 degree angle and look at the back of your wrist.

F - Follow through - straighten your elbow and release the ball by flicking your wrist which gives the ball some direction.  Arm and wrist will resemble a gooseneck!

Several fun basketball games were played integrating language and math to motivate the students to make a basket!  Students also realized what an active game basketball is!  They must surely move their feet to be successful in this game!  The students love basketball and they have lots of talent!

Below are some basketball related activities played during this unit:

                                                  Fourth graders playing Dribble Tag


                                                   Fourth graders playing fitness tag