Thursday, April 10, 2014

Kindergarten - Pre-school Fun!

The pre-school and kindergarten students enjoy a variety of super fun games to spark their interest in movement.  However, at that age - it doesn't take much!  They love to move, laugh, and share their stories.  Just recently the students explored several soccer-related  activities.  The children developed foot-eye coordination as they moved and stopped the ball with their feet in general space.  Several soccer related terms such as "dribbling" and "trapping" were introduced.  The students loved to dribble the ball around various obstacles while demonstrating good spatial awareness and body control.  Many fun activities were played to encourage students to perform the instep and toe kicks.  The favorite activity of the soccer activities was the goal kicking!  Each student loved to have the opportunity to kick with great power and attempt to score between the cones.  On the other hand, all students worked on the challenging work of being the goalie.  It was fun to see the students quickly move in order to block the shot with their feet, hands, or body. Students love playing with balls - the snow has melted.....get outside and "Play Ball"!

                                          Pre-School students working on goal kicking skills!

                                        Kindergarten students working on goal kicking skills!

                                      St. Patricks Day - Leprechan Tag, Kindergarten students


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