Friday, September 19, 2014

Pre-School and Kindergarten "rockin" with the bean bags!

As the pre-school and kindergarten students settle in to the routine of  the activities at Breck school, they are quickly showing their understanding of personal and general space.  They demonstrated good body management in the various movement activities in the first few weeks, and are now ready for more challenging activities:  tag games and bean bag skills!  Screams galore can be heard as the students are being chased throughout the general space.  Our first tag game was  "FREEZE TAG"!  Students were very attentive as I spoke about the rules and expectations of playing a tag game.  Their biggest disappointment was to hear that not all students can be chosen to be a tagger each day!   Tag games are a great activity to elevate one's heart rate, demonstrate various locomotor skills, good spatial awareness, and good sportsmanship. 

The first manipulative activities involved bean bag challenges. Children explore manipulating and moving with beanbags in many fun and challenging ways.  This is the first activity to involve throwing and catching.  Beanbags are an excellent lead-up to ball play because the bags are much easier to handle.  In addition to throwing and catching the beanbags, students explore the various balances that can be executed - on their bodies!  We played several fun bean bag musical tunes directing the students to balance the bag on their heads, knees, shoulders, feet, ear, stomach, and other body parts.  A tag game, "energizer" required the students to move with their battery (beanbag) on their head for energy!  Once the beanbag is dropped - they freeze on the spot - due to their loss of energy!  We will continue to work with the beanbags as we throw them to targets!  Thank you for making sure your child is prepared for class each day - I love those tennis shoes!

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