Sunday, October 12, 2014

Fitness in always important!

My students are quickly realizing the importance of fitness.  Fitness is an integral part of each physical education lesson.  Students, beginning in pre-school, learn the physical fitness components:  cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and body composition.  All students in grades 1-4 participate in fitness testing.  The mile run measures cardiovascular endurance.  The first graders run a 1/2 mile.  The shuttle run measures speed and agility.  The curl-ups measures muscular endurance of the abdominal muscles.  The pull-ups and bent arm hang measures muscular strength.  Lastly, the sit and reach evaluates the flexibility of the hamstrings and the lower back.  The students really seem to enjoy the fitness testing.  They are very motivated to do their best in each test.  Improvement is stressed as we will re-evaluate all students later in the spring.   We started our classes with many fun fitness warm-ups:  go bananas, flexibility tag and body composition tag.  Pre-school and kindergarten students are not evaluated, however, they are introduced to many fitness exercises throughout the year. Here are some pictures of my students demonstrating fitness exercises - look at their smiles!  Of course they love fitness! 

Look Mom - no hands!  This is called the Superman or Superwoman lift!  It is a great
exercise to strengthen the back, legs, and shoulders - give it a try!

                                 Don't forget balance!  At ALL ages - balance is important!
                                 Just look at their focus!  Tree pose, very solid and grounded
                                                             Pre-Schoolers rock!

    This is the difficult "crab pose" - great for the core, arms and legs.  From this position the students are challenged to walk forward, backwards, and sidewards!

    Pre-schoolers demonstrate the "tuck" position - they are also demonstrating smiling!

Students in grades 1-4 learn how to perform the bent arm hang.  It is a timed event and the chin must remain above the bar.  Muscular strength, muscular endurance, perseverance (CARE theme for the month of October) and heredity plays a part in this difficult task!  This is a first grade student!

Skating begins on Tuesday, October 21st for grades 2 and 3

Skating begins on Wednesday, October 22nd for grades 1 and 4

All students are required to have a helmet, skates/guards, gloves, and jacket

Students in grades 1 and 2 should wear snowpants - however, snowpants are encouraged for all students.  Thank you to all parents that have volunteered to help in the locker room.  The Minnesota Wild is off to great season - I can't wait to see my students skate too!

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