Monday, October 27, 2014

Get the Ball rolling!

The Pre-School and Kindergarten students have been busy with rolling and fielding balls.  The children discovered how to properly roll and field a ball; then practice the technique, individually in general space and at a wall.  Students worked in pairs, then in small groups, and practice rolling for accuracy and fielding.   A fun activity was called "hot rocks".  Students get in groups of five and knee-sit in a circle.  The ball is a "hot rock."  The leader will start the ball rolling to a player across the circle.  As the ball comes near you, the students use both hands to gently bat it away from them before the ball can ouch you  If the hot rock does touch your body, they were "burned" and needed to run once around the group circle - returning to their place to resume play.  This game stresses alertness, good rolling skills, and a good understanding the rules of the game.  Good sportsmanship is always stressed.  After the students had many opportunities to properly roll the gator ball - target practice was introduced.  Many various targets were placed out on the gym floor for them to try to "knock down."  These activities help to develop accuracy in rolling.  Defensive play was soon introduced as students became guards - preventing their opponent from knocking down the bowling pin.  Students quickly understand the importance of being both an offensive and a defensive player. The students love pin guard activities!
                                                      Pre-School  Partner Pin Guard fun!

Another favorite of the students is "Beat the Ball."  I love it because I can be sneaky!  All the students line up at the end of the gym on the blue zone.  I, too, line up with them holding a gator ball.  I quickly roll the ball fast to the other end.  As soon as the students see the ball leave my hand, they need to run as fast (with control) to the opposite end of the gym. The object of the game is for the students to try to "beat the ball" to the other end of the gym.  This is a great way for students to be challenged and they are always so proud when they do, indeed, beat the ball!  I always have some tricks up my sleeve to make it more entertaining and fun!  This week I will need to get out the magical pumpkin ball to challenge them!   We will continue to work on more ball skills.  Throwing, catching, and bouncing balls is next.  There are endless activities of fun with balls!  

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