Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Fieldhouse - finally! Gymnastics unit!


           Students performing a "candle" - looking for high hips, straight legs and pointed toes!


                                           The very challenging Tri-Pod balance!

We have just completed a gymnastics unit in the fieldhouse.  The students love units in the fieldhouse - I think it makes them feel "older"!  Anyway, it is alway fun in that large space. Court number 4 is reserved for the gymnastics unit.  The students have the opportunity to learn skills on the varsity girls' gymnastics apparatus.  Yes, all four Olympic events - vault, bars, beam, and floor exercise are introduced and students discovered skills that are exciting, challenging, and fun!  Gymnastics plays a role in sports and everyday life by helping people learn to manage their bodies efficiently and safely.  Many of the gymnastic skills learned are applied to everyday living - situations that require a safe form of landing or rolling.  At the beginning of the gymnastics unit, students are given a brief orientation of the various men's/women's events.  With that, the students understand the skills required to become skilled in the sport:  focus, strength, balance, coordination, agility power, flexibility, and COURAGE!

Due to the wonderful space, and the spring floor, all classes enjoyed the activities that can be executed on the "bouncy"floor.  Some of the fun warm-up activities that were favorites are:  snakes in the grass, wolfpack tag, natural disaster, tumbling and locomotor relays, and pyramid type activities. It was fun to watch the students simply bounce, jump, and run on the spring floor - and it is certainly aerobic!  All students learned some of the gymnastic language such as lunge, rear support, tripod, tip-up, splits (OUCH)!, pike, straddle, tuck, lay-out, and candle.  Each day had a different focus of skills and apparatus covered.  Please enjoy the many pictures and videos that I have added to this blog. 
                                                         Abdominal Strength! and cooperation

                                            PUSH-PULL- muscle endurance, power, fun!

                                          Handstands!  Who is that?  (we'll never know)!