Monday, January 26, 2015

Jumping Mustangs!

We just completed a fun rhythms unit.  All students were met with many rope jumping challenges!  Rope jumping is an excellent activity to improve aerobic endurance, coordination, muscle endurance, balance, and develop creativity.  In addition, it is an inexpensive activity.  All the major muscles of the body are recruited while rope jumping.  The arms and hands play a great role in the coordination of the rope swing.  Before we begin the actual rope jumps, students experiment with the various rhythmical rope swings:  helicopter, propeller, figure 8 swing, single-side swing, and the double-side swing.  Students are encouraged to practice the various jumps forward and backward!  Belsow are a few of the jumps the students practiced:

                                                                  Rope Jump Skills 
                                                            Basic jump, forward/backward
                                                               Basic double bounce jump
                                                            Jogger jump - jogging in place
                                                     Jogger run - jogging jump moving forward
                                                          Skier - jumping from side to side
                                                           Bells - jumping front/back
                                                                    Scissors Jump
                                                   Jumping Jack - straddling the legs out-in
                                                           Hot Peppers - speed speed speed!
                                                               Criss-Cross rope jump
                                                                  Partner Jumps
                                                          Jump and perform a Burpee!


Many jump rope activities integrated other disciplines such as math, language, art (design a shape with the rope jump), geography (Jump around Minnesota), and always teamwork!  One of the most favorite activities of all students throughout the entire year is the "helicopter" activity.  This rhythmic activity involves ME in the center of the students circling a swinging plastic rope.  As the rope approaches the student, he/she needs to "jump" to avoid getting hit.  It starts slow but quickly the students shout out for me to go faster-Faster-FASTER!  It is a great activity to develop awareness, jumping strength, and it is super fun!  Today for the first time, I allowed the students to hold hands with a friend as they jumped the helicopter - they loved that!  The fourth grade students were able to do it with the entire class holding hands!

Jump Rope for Heart is quickly approaching.  On January 22nd, during the regular physical education times, the 3rd and 4th grade students will participate in the Jump Rope for Heart Activity.  All students in 3rd and 4th grade have the information and are encouraged to help raise money for the American Heart Association.  Heart disease is the number one killer in America!  Last year Breck School raised over $8,000 dollars - Wow!  Students can set up their own website to collect funds or simply collect the donations in the envelope provided.  All parents are invited to attend the vigorous rope jumping event in Anderson Gym on Friday, January 22nd.  Your child will be happy to see you at the annual event.