Monday, February 23, 2015

Bulletin Board Fun!

                   "Olaf "encourages our lower school students to be active in the winter months!

      The "Jumping Mustangs" at our annual 3rd and 4th grade Jumpathon on January 23rd.
Thanks to all of the students who participated and helped to raise funds for the American Heart Association.  Our students raised almost $12,000!   Top student fundraisers were Petra Lyon and Piper Crosby - each student raising over $550.00 - Wow!  These kids can jump!

Basketball Unit, grades 1-4

My students just completed the manipulatives II unit.  We focused on the various basketball skills. The first skills that were introduced helped to develop ball handling skills while moving around the body:  circling head, tummy, both feet, one foot, and in a figure 8 pattern.  Students also worked on "tapping" the all (right hand to left hand) i front of their chest with their elbows slightly bent.  All of these skills help to improve eye hand coordination as well as developing the correct "touch" with the ball.  Many activities/games were played to work on dribbling skills.  Students learned the correct technique and enjoyed dribbling at various levels, speeds, directions, and several patterns using the right and left hands.  

After the students became skilled with dribbling, we moved on to the various basketball passes.  Students always have a choice as to what ball they feel most comfortable playing with.  Some balls are harder and larger than others - it is great that we have so many options of equipment in the Breck physical education storerooms!  Students learned of the options of throwing the basketball.  Depending on the situation, a chest/bounce/overhand/ or baseball throw would be used in a game situation.

The best part of the unit is when students have the opportunity to shoot baskets!  I save the best for last!  A great acronym was introduced to help the students remember good shooting technique:

B - E - E - F
B - Balance - bend those knees and place them shoulder width apart
E - Elbow - get that shotting elbow up - 90 degree in front of the shoulder
E - Eyes - focus on the basketball rim
F - Follow throw

Many fun basketball shooting activities encouraged the students to improve their shooting technique as well as demonstrating good sportsmanship.  Our next unit, body management II,  begins on February 23rd - always planning for fun things to keep the students active!

The Morning Mustang program started today, Monday, February 23rd.  We had 25 "bushy tailed" students in gym C ready to move and learn - at 7:30 AM!   I am very excited about this before school physical activity program.  Being active before school  prepares children for a day of learning and is an important step in helping children gain an appreciation of the benefits of exercise and healthy choices that will last a lifetime.   After the vigorous large muscle warm-up, the students worked on skipping (forward and backward), planking, and then an active ball game was played.  At the conclusion of the session, all students come together for the cooldown and mustang nutrition bit.  Today we discussed the importance of eating fresh fruits.  We specifically discussed the importance of including red, blue and purple foods in your diet because they have so many great minerals and nutrients.   I look forward to next Wednesday morning - another fun opportunity to MOVE, learn, and come together as a community.  Thanks for visiting my blog! 

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