Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Welcome to my blog!  What fun we have had in the Body Management II unit!  All students have gained an understanding of how activity and nutritional choices affect the balance of body composition, general long-term health and performance.  We played activities integrating the knowledge of risk factors.  Understanding the various risk factors, those you can control and those that you can't control - will empower students to make informed decisions about their fitness and health.  Making fitness the top priority develops an appreciation for activity, nutrition, and movement.  The students were certainly engaged in the conversation of risk factors such as smoking, drugs, drinking, stress, an inactive lifestyle, and a poor diet.  Several fun games involved how the risk factors decreases your ability to move and participate in activities successfully.  Some of the risk factor games that the students played were:  cigarette tag (a favorite I might say), oxygen express (a dodge ball type of game), 4 square risk factor, and oxygen transport.  By participating in these active  games, the students were able to gain a good understanding of the function of the heart, blood, lungs, and the importance of delivering oxygen to all muscles of the body.  I am impressed with the students' interest as we engage in conversations regarding health and nutrition! 

        Risk Factor balls!  they were used as dodge balls to decrease one's ability to move successfully!


         Cigarette chain tag!  A BIG risk factor -making it more difficult to get oxygen (1st grade)

 Oxygen Express - Hold on to that bean bag (oxygen) - Students running down the middle symbolize blood carrying oxygen to the working muscles.  If students get hit with a gator ball, they drop the bean bag (oxygen) eliminating the  oxygen delivered to the muscle.  This is a great activity that develops eye-hand coordination, agility, and body awareness.  Second grade students!

                                  Fourth graders participating in a vigorous circuit warm-up

                                         Trench - a fast paced throwing and dodging game!
                              Spatial awareness, eye-hand coordination, agility, punting,
                                 and just plain FUN for fourth graders!  a favorite for sure!