Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Homework - paperwork in physical education!

During the body management unit, the students were motivated by worksheets that indicated what body parts they should try to balance on.  Some poses were on a 1 point balance, 2 point balance, 3 point balance, and more!  The students worked together nicely to forms balances while checking out the worksheet!
                                                       Body Management Worksheet!
Can you balance on your two feet (I hope so) ?  seat and right foot?  two hands and two feet?  two elbows and two knees?  head and two knees?  one foot?  your seat?  left hand and two feet? and feet and hands - but in a crab position - it's tricky try it!

                                           That's using your seat! AND abdominal strength!
                                                     teamwork - two knees and two feet!

The facial expressions above tell it all!  It's difficult to maintain the balance!

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