Monday, November 2, 2015

Pre-School and Kindergarten Fun

The pre-school and kindergarten students have been busy learning the various body positions and terms.  During the warm-up activities, we regularly perform the tuck, straddle, pike, lay-out, and crab positions.  These positions develop body awareness, strength, and flexibility.

                                   Pre-schoolers performing the "tuck" position with a smile


                                             The difficult V-sit posture - it's all abs!

                                                         the perfect pre-school plank!

Students have enjoyed the challenges of manipulative challenges with bean bags, balls, scarves, and more recently balloons!  These tools enable the students to develop visual tracking, manual dexterity, dodging, coordination, tossing and catching.  We also engaged the students with various relays using bean bags while balancing the bag on various body parts. 

                                                Visual tracking for sure - look at her focus!

The fun Halloween week allowed us to play many spooky and "tricky" festive games!  The special days are always fun for the students as we relate the games to fun themes.  Some of the Halloween games the pre-school and kindergarten played were haunted house tag, trick or treat tag, Halloween memory relay, pumpkin tag, and corn maze tag!  Corn maze tag was really fun!  If tagged, the student was required to walk through a scary maze and then follow it up with the scarecrow arm fitness skill.  Looking forward to Thanksgiving as we will play games employing turkeys, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie (and whipped cream of course), and being THANKFUL! 

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