Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Skating with the Mustangs!

We are just completing our first skating unit.  The students have enjoyed the many challenges on the frozen tundra!  First off, I want to thank ALL the many parent and grandparent volunteers that helped make the process more enjoyable and allowing more time on the ice for the students.  I think at this point, some of the parents are professionals at skate tying!  After a brief series of warm-ups in the locker room, all students moved to the rink to challenge themselves on the ice.  Each grade level has beginner skaters as well as advanced skaters.  The more experienced skaters help motivate the other students as they are able to perform the various skills with ease and control.  Of all physical education units, I definitely observe the students dramatically improving their skills "stride by stride".  It is a joy to see the happiness on the students' faces as they realize they are truely skating!  The first skating unit focuses on students locker room procedures (proper skate use, skate guards, tying skates) warm-up exercises, ready position, edge work using inside and outside edges, "scottering", striding, stopping, and turning.  Many students have difficulty bending their knees enough, allowing them to get the greatest benefit from their skate edges.  Once on the ice, you would be able to hear me shout "get DOWN LOWER!"  Below are some pictures of the students preparing to skate.  Parents are invited on the last day of class to skate with their child.  Helmets are required of all individuals on the ice!  Our second skating unit will begin on January 22 - February 8th.

Reminder:  All students must have skate guards!  Please make sure your child has fitted skate guards for our next skating unit. 

                                 Fourth graders loading the bus - the best part of the class!
      Jacket - check!  skates - check!  gloves - check!  helmet - check!  skate guards - check!

                               Third graders demonstrating Ready Position - get those hips down!
     looking for knees bent, back straight, head up, chest up, feet hip-width apart, toes pointing forward

           HYDRATE - HYDRATE- HYDRATE!  Always a line at the drinking fountain after class!

                                                   First graders - Great parent volunteers!

                                                The parents love it as much as the students!

                                Third graders staying on task after the lesson - this unit requires lots
                                                             of student responsibility

                                           Fourth graders heading back to school with a smile!

                                                                   Instruction time!

                       Last day of the skating unit - a fun tag game with partners - it really works the legs

                                            You can see the students really enjoy this activity!

                          Oh - don't forget, the parents love to push the students in the chairs too!

When the weather finally turns (gets colder) and the rinks are frozen over, try to find some ice time with your child either at an indoor rink or the many great outdoor rinks!  You can work on your edge work too!

Next unit is fitness - Friday, November 13th - December 3rd.  Students will be evaluated on the health related fitness components.  Soon, I will send out an information hand-out inquiring if any parents would be available to help with fitness testing on Tuesday, December 1st.  Hope to see some of you there!

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