Friday, January 22, 2016

Free Day - Swim Day - Fun Day!

The last day of swimming all students are awarded a free day in the pool!  If able, students have the opportunity to swim in the "deep end",  jump/dive off the springboard, jump/dive off the starting blocks, or play in the shallow end with noodles, kickboards, aquatic hoops, rings, and floating mats.  This is definitely the highlight of the unit (although they love instruction too)!  Below are some pictures of the students with their choices on the Free Day-Swim Day-Fun Day!

First Graders  - can't decide if they want a hoop, noodle or a diving ring!

This board is "springy"!  - first graders with Lifeguard Bob

I'll take the Hoop thank-you!
I think I can, I think I can, I think I can! - first graders

diving for rings - first graders

Choices, choices, but lots of smiles! - first graders

Let's have  "ball" in the water!  - first graders

2nd graders floating - why not?!
Third graders enjoying their free day
Third graders excited and perhaps a bit silly to get into the pool!

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