Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Last day of skating in grades 1-4 - Sorry!

My classes recently completed their second and final skating unit of the year.  As you know, they love the skating unit AND the bus ride to and from!  It's fun to see their friendships on the bus, in the locker room, and on the ice!  All students have made great - shall we say - "STRIDES" during the skating units. They have shown greater confidence, control, edge work, and speed.  Speed is certainly not emphasized, however, as they gain more skill - speed comes!  Each skating day involved a brief warm-up in the locker room followed by a few minutes of open skating to loosen up.  Then the students met at the blue line for the lesson of the day.  Depending on the grade and level, students worked on proper skating posture, ready position, edge work, forward and backward strides, turns, stops and crossovers.  It was apparent that many students found additional time to skate at the indoor/outdoor rinks in town.  The last day of the skating unit gave the students the opportunity for free skate and also a fun game called "Tourist Tag".  This is a safe tag game that the students love to play using the chairs (tourist sits on the chair) and the driver (the student pushing the chair).  Below are some pictures of the last day of our skating unit.  Thanks again to all the volunteers - parents, grandparents, and nannies that helped with the students at the rink.  Your help was invaluable!

Bus time - fun time!

Second graders happy its "free day"

We couldn't do it without the volunteer parents - THANKS!


The chair create extra resistance!

Time for a group photo - second grade

The tagger is in the middle holding the grey noodle - watch out!

Third graders playing "Tourist Tag"

Strike a pose!

Helmets - check, gloves - check, snow pants - check, smiles - check! 

Third graders - and parents!

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