Thursday, March 17, 2016

American Ninja Warrior Course!!!!!

Anderson Gym was recently transformed into a jumbo obstacle course complete with hurdles, tunnels, agility ladders, tumbling mats, balance beam, maze, hopscotch, bear crawl, shoulder taps, bowling pin agility walk, and running!  The students in grades 1-4 enjoyed the different challenges that awaited them in Anderson Gym.  Many students voiced that it was "the BEST day ever"!  Below are some pictures of the Ninja Warrior Course.  At the conclusion of the day, each student received a certificate of completion - Ninja Warrior style!

View of part of the course from above

What was the challenge?  Attempt to walk through the bowling pin maze without knocking a pin down!  If so, the student would perform 5 shoulder taps for each pin down - the kids loved this challenge.

forward roll - third grader -

Obstacle courses require so much aerobic endurance, agility, speed, body management, balance, and power!  Many drinks of water were required during this activity! 

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