Thursday, March 17, 2016

Pre-School and Kindergarten Gymnastics in the HUGE Fieldhouse!

My classes enjoyed the gymnastic experiences in the fieldhouse.  Our class time was filled with relays, obstacle courses, individual and partner skills, and tumbling skills. Their favorite activity was the opportunity to merely run, skip, hop, jump, roll, MOVE on the springy blue floor.  Within minutes the students were gasping for air realizing how much energy it takes to actively move on the floor.  Below are some pictures of my students performing various gymnastic related skills.

Honest - it's not as easy as it looks!  She is demonstrating excellent arm position

One legged balance - scale

Kindergarten students demonstrating a scale on the balance beam - do you see the bean bag she is balancing on her head?
Look Mom!  No hands!

Strong balance with arms reaching to the side aiding in balance - notice the obstacle course on the gymnastics floor - kindergarten students

Kindergarten balance beam challenges - walk and lift your foot to tap the cones!

Pre-schoolers moving on the various balance beam heights - Yes! He looks like SUPERMAN!

Notice how nicely the students are waiting in line!  Preschoolers again
Preschoolers performing a wall handstand

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