Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Around the World Fitness!

Today in class in grades 2-3-4 our students participated in the "Around the World Fitness" activity. This was a fun and vigorous aerobic warm-up.  All students have learned about the 5 Health Related Fitness components:  Cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and body composition.  We have played several games and activities that have integrated the fitness concepts in movement:  Body composition tag, Fitness Tag, Circuit Fitness, the Pink Panther Run and today "Around the World Fitness".  This required the students to partner up (toe to toe) and go to a station inside the yellow zone.  One person began the run while the other partner chose a fitness exercise to perform.  Each lap the runner was to record his/her lap. The partners alternated the run/fitness skill.  At the completion of the activity the students then added up the number of points they received.  It was very fun to see the interesting and great fitness exercises that the students   performed.  They demonstrated balance, flexibility, muscular strength, and power skills while their partner was performing the aerobic (running) activity.  Enjoy looking at the various fitness skills the third grade students executed!

Strength - Crab Position!

There's more than 1 crab in the gym!

Can't forget BALANCE!  Stork pose!

Balance and strength - the Candle!

Straddle Stretch - of course, flexibility!  Wow!

More flexibility with legs together - performing the sit and reach!
Notice the runner along side and paper for scoring their points!  She is very flexible!

Flexibility and creativity!

Muscular strength and flexibility

Yes, another Sit and Reach!

Fancy legs!  muscular strength

Yoga Boat Pose - abdominal strength

Side lateral stretch

Smiling Superman!

Runners (cardiovascular endurance) and other students executing the fitness skills of choice

Side Plank!  Wow!

Muscular strength and endurance
Better known as the flexed arm hang!  This girl knows how to hang!

Ok!  I bet you are tired just viewing all those great and challenging skills!  I was so proud of how independent the students were while performing "their" fitness skill.

Our next unit is Skating beginning on Monday, October 3rd.  Please make sure your child has a helmet, skates (or course), skate guards, snow pants, gloves, and a LARGE bag to place it in!  Thank you parents for volunteering to help with this unit.  The Minnesota Wild hockey season will soon be off and running (or should I say "skating") - so it's fitting we, too, get on the ice!  Come back to my blog soon to view the fun skating pictures.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Pathways, Directions, Shapes, Balancing, and Locomotor Movements

As we continued with our fun Body Management Unit, the students were challenged to move in various patterns, pathways, speeds, levels, and making all sorts of shapes.  Making creative body shapes challenges the bodies as they twist, curl, stretch, and bend.  Many of the balances required upper body strength, core strength, and balance.  Below are some of the fun shapes the students were able to perform - aren't you proud of them?

First Graders know their letters - "V"
Letter F - for "Fifield" (4th grade)
Letter N - Fourth Grade

                                                                                   Letter X - Fourth Grade

Giant letter F - 3rd Grade

Letter T - 3rd Grade

A Pretty "O" - 3rd Grade
A Strong Letter O in the Plank position - 3rd Graders!

Letter "O" using balance

Letter "L" at a high and low level!

Low level "O"
Let's make a "T" - 2nd Grade
Or we could make the letter "T" this way!
2nd Grade
2nd Grade letter "L" - 2nd Grade

Letter "Y" - "Why" not?   2nd Grade
Smart 1st Graders - letter "J" - abdominal muscles too!
We would prefer to execute the letter "Y" at a low level!
2nd Grade
"V" is for Victory - 2nd Grade
Wow - cool "J"
2nd graders
"X" marks the spot!  2nd Grade
Of course - Letter "O" - 2nd Grade

Great job students!  Our next unit begins tomorrow, Thursday, September 15th in Anderson Gym.  It will be our first fitness unit of the year.  Yeah!  Much practice AND evaluation will be done in the gym as our students learn about Health Related Fitness and MORE!  All students in grades 2-4 will run the mile on the track.  First graders will run two laps (1/2 mile) but many will want to run more than those two!  I can't wait to see how fit your child is!  Keep those tennis shoes in school!  

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Pre-Schoolers Warming Up!

The first few weeks of school the pre-schoolers quickly learn the various signals that are used in the gym.  The beginning of class starts with a large motor exercise - to get the blood flowing!  Fitness exercises follow the cardiovascular activities.   Your child is learning the differences between personal and general space and how to move through the space safely.  Also, several body identification games and musical activities encourage the students to connect with their body.  Below are some positions and shapes that students will practice frequently.  

                                                               Pre-School Pike Position

                                                       Straddle Stretch - Flexibility

                                                              More Straddle Straddles

                                    LAY-OUT!  STRETCH THOSE FINGERS AND TOES!

                                                                 MORE LAY-OUTS!

                                                How do we find partners?  Back to Back!

                                                                 Or Elbows to Elbows

                                                                 Or Knees to Knees!

                                                      Don't forget thumb to thumb!

                                                            Tuck position with smiles!

We will continue to work on fun body shapes - curved, flat, twisted, narrow, wide - and even make shapes of letters!  Tag and relay games are right around the corner!  The students are having a great time moving their bodies and playing with each other in Gym C.  Thank you for making sure your child has tennis shoes each physical education day!  Keep Moving!

Got to know those physical education signals!

                                                 Great to be Back at Breck!  Second Graders!

You can see how excited the 2nd graders are to be back in school!  The first couple weeks we have spent much time with the students understanding classroom procedures:  signals, personal space versus general space, boundaries, and grouping/partnering up.  Below are some techniques I use to get the students in quick partner groups.  They need to move quickly (Hustle),  safely and connect the correct body positions.  Enjoy!

                                                    Find a Partner!  Hip to Hip!  First Graders

                                              Partner up - Elbow to Elbow - First Graders

"Pikes Peak" - builds upper body strength and core

Find a Partner!  Back to Back!  (the most common form of grouping)

                                                     2nd Grade - Hit the Deck!

                                        2nd Graders - FREEZE in Ready Position - Great Job!