Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Got to know those physical education signals!

                                                 Great to be Back at Breck!  Second Graders!

You can see how excited the 2nd graders are to be back in school!  The first couple weeks we have spent much time with the students understanding classroom procedures:  signals, personal space versus general space, boundaries, and grouping/partnering up.  Below are some techniques I use to get the students in quick partner groups.  They need to move quickly (Hustle),  safely and connect the correct body positions.  Enjoy!

                                                    Find a Partner!  Hip to Hip!  First Graders

                                              Partner up - Elbow to Elbow - First Graders

"Pikes Peak" - builds upper body strength and core

Find a Partner!  Back to Back!  (the most common form of grouping)

                                                     2nd Grade - Hit the Deck!

                                        2nd Graders - FREEZE in Ready Position - Great Job!

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