Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Pathways, Directions, Shapes, Balancing, and Locomotor Movements

As we continued with our fun Body Management Unit, the students were challenged to move in various patterns, pathways, speeds, levels, and making all sorts of shapes.  Making creative body shapes challenges the bodies as they twist, curl, stretch, and bend.  Many of the balances required upper body strength, core strength, and balance.  Below are some of the fun shapes the students were able to perform - aren't you proud of them?

First Graders know their letters - "V"
Letter F - for "Fifield" (4th grade)
Letter N - Fourth Grade

                                                                                   Letter X - Fourth Grade

Giant letter F - 3rd Grade

Letter T - 3rd Grade

A Pretty "O" - 3rd Grade
A Strong Letter O in the Plank position - 3rd Graders!

Letter "O" using balance

Letter "L" at a high and low level!

Low level "O"
Let's make a "T" - 2nd Grade
Or we could make the letter "T" this way!
2nd Grade
2nd Grade letter "L" - 2nd Grade

Letter "Y" - "Why" not?   2nd Grade
Smart 1st Graders - letter "J" - abdominal muscles too!
We would prefer to execute the letter "Y" at a low level!
2nd Grade
"V" is for Victory - 2nd Grade
Wow - cool "J"
2nd graders
"X" marks the spot!  2nd Grade
Of course - Letter "O" - 2nd Grade

Great job students!  Our next unit begins tomorrow, Thursday, September 15th in Anderson Gym.  It will be our first fitness unit of the year.  Yeah!  Much practice AND evaluation will be done in the gym as our students learn about Health Related Fitness and MORE!  All students in grades 2-4 will run the mile on the track.  First graders will run two laps (1/2 mile) but many will want to run more than those two!  I can't wait to see how fit your child is!  Keep those tennis shoes in school!  

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