Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Pre-Schoolers Warming Up!

The first few weeks of school the pre-schoolers quickly learn the various signals that are used in the gym.  The beginning of class starts with a large motor exercise - to get the blood flowing!  Fitness exercises follow the cardiovascular activities.   Your child is learning the differences between personal and general space and how to move through the space safely.  Also, several body identification games and musical activities encourage the students to connect with their body.  Below are some positions and shapes that students will practice frequently.  

                                                               Pre-School Pike Position

                                                       Straddle Stretch - Flexibility

                                                              More Straddle Straddles

                                    LAY-OUT!  STRETCH THOSE FINGERS AND TOES!

                                                                 MORE LAY-OUTS!

                                                How do we find partners?  Back to Back!

                                                                 Or Elbows to Elbows

                                                                 Or Knees to Knees!

                                                      Don't forget thumb to thumb!

                                                            Tuck position with smiles!

We will continue to work on fun body shapes - curved, flat, twisted, narrow, wide - and even make shapes of letters!  Tag and relay games are right around the corner!  The students are having a great time moving their bodies and playing with each other in Gym C.  Thank you for making sure your child has tennis shoes each physical education day!  Keep Moving!

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