Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Last day of skating - always a Hit!

We just completed our first swimming unit of the season.  The students worked diligently to improve their confidence while striding, turning, stopping, and skating backward.  Skills to encourage the students' edge work involve scootering, swizzles, one legged glides, and a strong spatial awareness.  The second skating unit will focus on more backward skating as well as crossovers.  The last day of skating is a free day.  Students in 3rd and 4th grade also play a fun and vigorous tag game called "Tourist Tag".  The tagger is the policeman/woman and those on the chairs are the tourists - if tagged the person sitting in the chair becomes the tagger.  Pushing a student in a chair requires the students to push against a resistance and makes them stronger - how great is that!  Below are some pictures of the students preparing for skating as well as having fun on the ice working on their skills!

Getting ready requires focus and responsibility but it's fun too!

Okay - which is right and which is left?  Second grade

Friends to the end! - 3rd grade

I can dress myself, but thanks anyway,  Mrs. Fifield! - 2nd grade
Helmet - check
gloves - check!
skates - check!
jacket - check!
snowpants - check!
Let's have fun and work hard - CHECK!

Tourist tag  - fourth grade

More Tourist Tag

Triple up!

2nd grade


Fourth grade tourists!

Use those edges!

Always time to pose on ice!

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